Aromatic and Lively
“Zest” is made of 100% best Arabica coffee. Zest provides a harmonious mixture of citrus tanginess with Italian toasted aromas; all these characteristics are mixed into a perfect blend. One sip of our Zest coffee tells the story, from our attention to quality in sourcing and combining the finest South American coffee beans, to our care in roasting that brings forth all delicious flavors from those beans. 

Zest is one of the products from Coffesso’s House Blend series. It is an ideal coffee which combines the lively, well-balanced flavors of Brazil, Columbia and Honduras coffee beans roasted to a medium body, resulting in a pleasant and satisfying taste. Zest Coffee Pods are made from 100% fresh roasted Arabica beans and carefully selected to reflect its excellent quality. 

Why only Arabica beans? Arabica coffee plants are grown in high altitudes, mountainous and volcanic areas; they require a lot more grooming from farmers, as the plants are quite delicate. Hence, both the high altitudes and constant care result in coffee beans that have greater complexity in taste and are by far more superior to Robusta beans. Our unique roasting method gives Zest its deepness, richness and complexity profile. Its refreshing taste and lively citrus tanginess makes Zest perfect to be served as Espresso or as refreshing iced coffee. In brief, a cup of Coffesso’s Zest can be described as a mellow cup of our House Blend with immaculate balance of flavor and acidity. 

Recommended serving: as Espresso & Ice Coffee

The freshly roasted ground Coffee is hard tamped into single portioned pods. It is wrapped in food-grade coffee filters that preserves its aroma and freshness.
It’s an E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) Pods with 44mm diameter for standard pod espresso machines. Net weight 7g e 0,24oz/pod.
Can be used with the (E.S.E) standard coffee pod machine and or with pod portafilter basket adaptor for professional coffee machine.