Atjeh Gayo

Earthy Floral
Gayo Coffee is a medium roast blend with a distinctive floral aroma. This coffee is carefully grown in “Tanah Gayo”, a location within the Gayo highlands from which Arabica coffee is sprung. It is found in three districts: the south-eastern part of Aceh, Gayo Lues and Pidie. The plantation in Pidie is at an alttude of 1300 meters above sea level and gets the perfect rainfall of 1643-2000 mm per year, making it ideal for Arabica Coffee.

Further elevating this coffee is the utilizaton of the wet process, where only the ripest, red coffee cherries are picked. Gayo Coffee is organically grown without chemicals, making this coffee environmentally friendly and well known as a Green Coffee. All these details allow Gayo Coffee to be touted as one of the best organic coffees in the world.

The freshly roasted ground Coffee is hard tamped into single portioned pods. It is wrapped in food-grade coffee filters that preserves its aroma and freshness.
It’s an E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) Pods with 44mm diameter for standard pod espresso machines. Net weight 7g e 0,24oz/pod.
Can be used with the (E.S.E) standard coffee pod machine and or with pod portafilter basket adaptor for professional coffee machine.